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Take a look at what we have to make your event unforgettable:

Moon Bounces: different models

Monster Truck Jump Slide Course Monster Truck Jump & Slide
Dry or Wet
Dimensions: 29Lx11Wx15H
Pirate Jump And Slide Pirate Jump & Slide
Dry or Wet
Dimensions: 31Lx13Wx17H
Tropical Obstacle Course Tropical Obstacle Course
Dimensions: 14Wx17Hx65L
Tropical Obstacle Course Tropical Obstacle Course Tropical Obstacle Course
Princess Castle Princess Castle
Dimensions: 17Wx15Hx15L
Castle Castle
Dimensions: 13Lx13Wx12H
Sports Arena Sports Arena
Dimensions: 13Lx13Wx12H
Rocket Bounce Rocket Bounce
Dimensions: 13Lx13Wx12H
Jungle Bounce Jungle Bounce
Dimensions: 15Lx20Wx13H
Castle Jump & Slide Castle Jump & Slide
Dimensions: 23Lx15Wx12H
Tropical Jump & Slide Tropical Jump Slide
Dimensions: 23Lx15Wx12H
Castle Jump & Slide 2 Castle Jump & Slide 2
Dimensions: 31Lx13Wx17H
Tropical Jump & Slide 2 Tropical Jump & Slide 2
Dimensions: 31Lx13Wx17H
Water Slide Water Slide
Dimensions: 25Lx12Wx16H
Supreme Obstacle Course Supreme Obstacle Course
Dimensions: 52Lx10Wx14H
Dunk Tank Dunk Tank
Dimensions: 5Lx10Wx8H

Party Room Rental

Party Room Party Room

Different Tents: Different Sizes
Sizes: 20x20, 20x30 and 20x40


Round and Rectangle Tables
Size: 6 or 8 feet

Decorated Orange Table Decorated Table
Decorated Blue Table Decorated Table
Retangle Table Rectangle Table
Table and Chairs Table and Chairs
Round Table Round Table

5 Chair Models

Brown Chair Black Chair White Chair

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine Flosssugar

Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine

Snow Cones

Snow Cone Machine Snow Cones

TP 7000 LXH Powered


Power Washer

Power Washer